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This is a wiki dedicated to Oreo cookies and there superb goodness! The other Oreo Wiki is not finished or good because it has no articles and it does not show other flavors it just shows the bland image of a plane oreo cookie. I'm gonna show you the real Oreo cookies like golden flavor or cake flavor!

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    New page: Herman Cain is the man behind the Oreo, He is responsable for the great treats and cookies we eat today. He found the materials for the Oreo after he...
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    New page: Rare Oreo Flavors include Root Beers Float, Banana Split, Dulce De Leche, Soft and Ice Cream. These ideas were brainstormed in a meeting in the...
  • new page Limited Edition Flavors
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    New page: Limited Edition Flavors include Fruit Punch, Creamcicle, Red Velvet and even Cotton Candy! Limited Edition Flavors of things have been around for...
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    New page: Golden Oreos were made in the mid 90's by Dan Coats after him and his co-workers were thinking up flavors to revolutionize and innovate upon the Oreo...
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    New page: Oreo was made by Nabisco in 1969 by Herman Cain and Billy Joel. Oreo comes from the French name for " Cream Treat" . Oreos where found when Herman...
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    Hello, We're excited to have The Real Oreo Wikia as part of the Wikia community! There's still a lot to do; here are some helpful t... 

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